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Volume 2 No. 2

(July - December 2021)

Volume 2 No. 2

Contribution of Indian Diaspora in Singapore during India’s  Freedom Struggle

-Atanu Mohpatra and Aparna Tripathi

The Subnational Politics of Dispossession: How Nepotism  Stymied Development and Sparked Resistance in Polepally,  Andhra Pradesh

-Raman Kumar Apsingikar & David Hundt

A Study of the Military Strategy and Leadership of Ahom  Commander Lachit Barphukan

-Pranav Kumar & Vandana Mishra

Urban Politics: A Case Study of Delhi

-Hari Mohan Sharma & Hari K. Sharma

The Political Significance of Saliha Satyagraha

-Kamalakanta Roul

China-Russia Relations in the Post-Cold War Period: Revitalization  of Brotherhood or Friend of Compulsion?

-Shiv Poojan Pathak

Bridgital Nation-Solving Technology’s People Problem by N Chandrasekaran & R Purushothaman (2019) (Penguin Random House Year. 344pp. Rs. 639)

-Mohammad Nasir

Book Review

Gender  and Power in Eastern Europe : Changing Concepts of Femininity and  Masculinity in Power Relations by Bluhm, K . Pikhan ,G. Stypinkska, J., & Wierzcholska, A. (2021)(Springer, 269pp. Rs. 11,196)

-Khyati Pal

Indigenous Elites in Africa: The Case of Kenya’s  Maasai by Shani, S. (2021)(New York. USA: Routledge. 216 pp. Rs. 12,012)

-Divya Kunwar

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