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Volume 3 No. 1

(January - June 2022)

Volume 3 No. 1

Tablighi Jamaat: The Fountainhead of Global Extremism

-Mahesh Ranjan Debata

Not so Social Media: Theoretical Insights into the evolution of the  Social Media as a tool of Information Warfare

-Col Amardeep Singh, SM (Retd) & Sonali Chitalkar

From Drivers of Economy to Forgotten Indian Citizens: Addressing  the Social Welfare Rights of Migrant Workers

-Anuranjita Wadhwa

Rural Non-Farm Sector Development and Poverty Reduction in  Bangladesh

-Biswajit Choudhury

Menstrual Health Management: Knowledge and Practices in Rural  Kaushambi District, India

-Anjali Yadav, Arpana Pandey & Chanchal

Gendering Politics: Explorations through the Framework of Political  Representation, Democratisation and Peace Processes

-Pushpa Singh & Chetna Sharma

Environmental Justice Perspective on Indian Forest Laws: Decolonizing Forest  Governance

-Kamal Kumar

Book Review

Geopolitics in Central Asian Region: Implications for India

-Satyam Singh & Neeta Rani

The case for universal basic income by Haagh, L. (2019)(India:  Polity. 140 pp. Rs. 1027)

-Rishabh Raj

The Tale of the Horse: A History of India  On Horseback by Chandra, Y. (2021)(Picador India. 336 pp. Rs. 464)

-Dr. Deepak Solanki

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