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Volume 3 No. 2

(July - December 2022)

Volume 3 No. 2

Media Consumption in the Digital Age: A Study on the Cultural  Reception of Over-the-top (OTT) Video Streaming Platforms in India

-Ronie Thomas, Sony Jalarajan Raj & Adith K. Suresh

Dara Shukoh: The Lost Lineage of Universalism

-Neena Bansal

What Fueled the Russia-Ukraine War?

-Hari Mohan Sharma & Hari K. Sharma

Strategic Significance of Sri Lanka in India’s Indian Ocean Approach

-Debasish Nandy & Alik Naha

Understanding Baloch: Genesis and Continuum of their grievances

-Bipin Kr. Tiwary & Akansha

A decade of Dragon’s Debt & Trap Initiative in South Asia


India-China Border Dispute and the Hanging Future of South Asian Region


Book Review

Ideology and Organization in Indian  Politics: Polarization and the Growing Crisis of the Congress  Party by Hasan, Z. (2009-19)(New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2022, 224pp.  Rs. 1495.)

-Akanksha Sharma


India and Africa: The Road Ahead by Ray, N.(2021)(New  Delhi, Indian Council of World Affairs, ₹918)

-Banditarani Behera

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