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Volume 4 No. 1

(January - June 2023)

Volume 4 No. 1

The Bhartiya Janata Party in the States of Northeast India

-Rajesh Dev

Kashmir Pandits: Migration, Homelessness and Resettlement

-Atanu Mohapatra & Chandan K. Panda

COVID 19 Pandemic: Reinforcing the Need for Gender Sensitive Policy Framework

-Angira Sen

China’s Engagement with the Island States of East Africa in the  Western Indian Ocean: A Geo-economic Perspective

-Raghvendra Kumar

New Age Banking and Its Socio-Economic Implications

-Deepa Kamra, Samir & Neeraj Gupta

The Tight Rope Walk between the geo Economic Implications of Trans  Pacific Partnership and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership:  India Responds

-Manan Dwivedi & Gayatri Dixit

A Critical Re-engagement with Traditions: Women, Agriculture and Agroecology in India

-Pushpa Singh

Book Review

Conceptualizing  Everyday Resistance: A transdisciplinary Approach by Johansson, A, & Vinthagen, S. (2020)(Routledge:  New York and London. 348 pp. Rs. 4027)

-Dr. Vaishali

The Rise of the BJP: The making of the  world’s Largest Political Party by Yadan, B. (2022)(Penguin. India. 334 pp. Rs. 457)

-Rupesh Ranjan

The Great Regression by Geiselberger, H. (2017)(Polity: Britain.  220 pp. Rs. 1232)


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